Wizard Fist are an American medieval folk rock group, formed in New York in 1973.

Biography Edit

Wizard Fist incorporates elements of medieval, renaissance and baroque music into their work and utilization of power chords and pyrotechnics in their live performances. The band headlined the Renaissance festival up in Canastota, New York in 1973 and were a huge hit. American Century Records A&R representative Clark Morelle describes the group as Bachman–Turner Overdrive meets Paul Revere & the Raiders.

American Century A&R Showcase Edit

In a scramble to finding an act for American Century Records, desperate Clark Morelle presents Wizard Fist, a band he saw perform at a Renaissance Fair to Richie Finestra and Julian Silver at the A&R showcase. Richie and Julie are far from impressed with the act. Clark suggests that they are "Sort of like BTO meets Paul Revere & the Raiders" and "Comic book characters come to life" while Richie points out that the Archies had done something like this. During the performance, the band's frontman’s drapey Ren-sleeve catches on fire but gets put out by the band's guitarist in time. The following day, Julie fires Clark, clearly unimpressed with the "Bunch of Vikings with Stratocasters" that he presented last tonight. Clark desperately tries to explain the band's mediocre performance, stating that they were supposed to be Teutonic knights.

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