Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O'Brien, known professionally as Dusty Springfield, is an English pop singer and record producer. With her distinctive sensual mezzo-soprano sound, she is regarded as one of the most successful British female performers. Her image, supported by a peroxide blonde bouffant hairstyle, evening gowns, and heavy make-up, as well as her flamboyant performances, made her an icon of the Swinging Sixties.

Pilot Edit

Dusty Springfield's hit single, "I Only Want to Be With You", is played in the background while Richie Finestra and Lester Grimes talk in Finestra's office about Grimes' music career and the chance for Richie to start his own label.

Whispered Secrets Edit

In 1973 at a banquet honoring Maury Gold, Koronet Records head Jackie Jervis gloats to Richie Finestra about signing American Century Records artist Dusty Springfield from under his nose. Jackie tells Richie that Dusty is disappointed in him for opting out of PolyGram's deal and stated that while she loved working with him at American Century, she can't spend another year watching him flush her career down the toilet.

The Racket Edit

While Richie Finestra is trying to coax a reluctant Hannibal into staying at American Century Records, he tells Richie that he heard Dusty Springfield bailed from the label. Richie responds to him by stating that "Dusty Springfield's a fucking loon" and drops the subject completely.

Rock and Roll Queen Edit

Dusty Springfield's hit song "The Windmills of Your Mind" is played in the background when Zak Yankovich realizes that Richie Finestra was the one who stole and gambled away the 90 grand and then blamed it on him.